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Mentoring is an invaluable part of the RTPI membership application process. A mentor can help a candidate get the most out of their experiential learning and will provide them with additional support during the application process.

Mentoring is not a compulsory part of applying for membership and mentors do not need to register with the RTPI. The agreement exists between the candidate and the mentor.

Finding a mentor

Candidates are encouraged to identify their own mentor, as this should more easily facilitate a productive working relationship, and make access to meetings with the mentor more viable. Mentors do not have to be Chartered Town Planners. They may come from the workplace, from networking, or be personally known to you.

Volunteering as a mentor

Mentoring can be a great Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunity. Mentors report learning from candidates, and developing coaching skills which are often invaluable in the workplace.

Resources for mentors

Mentors are also required to familiarise themselves with the membership guidance relevant to their mentee:

For more information on mentoring, contact the Membership Team on +44(0)20 7929 9462 or at [email protected].