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The Member Value Project is about understanding what drives value for our members and forms a key part of our corporate strategy. Our members come from all over the world and work in a wide range of different planning related roles. We have members at all stages of their careers from students through to retired. We want to understand the challenges our members experience, and to support them appropriately.

So in 2022 we conducted some initial member interviews and workshops to understand what each member in our community values and requires from their membership. We were keen to understand whether the themes highlighted in this first phases of the project aligned with the wider membership so we followed up with an online survey. This was distributed via email to all current and lapsed members who we held a valid email address who had expressed an interested. We also provided an link for non members to share their thoughts on the RTPI so we could get a broader picture as possible. 

The survey results are now back will be invaluable to helping inform our future activities so that we can best support our members and the planning profession worldwide. You can view some highlights below showing six key challenges you told us you are facing. We will now be working to look at what the RTPI can do to help raise awareness, start a conversation about, and look at practical measures that could help make a difference around these challenges. 

What has the Member Value Project already achieved?

The project has already delivered a rolling programme of improvements following the initial workshops showing that we are committed to taking on member feedback and delivering the kind of services that you have asked for. 

What we have delivered so far:


If you have any questions around our Member Value Project you can contact the Membership team at [email protected]