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Displaced Planners to Work Pathway

Wars and natural disasters around the world and their associated impacts have shone a light on the increase in displaced populations around the world. We are currently witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record with 110 million people forced from their homes (UNHCR’s Refugee Population Statistics Database).

Through their Displaced Planners to Work Pathway RTPI aims to have a step change in how we respond to this crisis, utilising our charitable status, purpose, international standing and convening power to best support in a proportional and appropriate way affected planners and communities.

To date our efforts have focused on producing research and best practice, such as the Urbanisation, Displacement and Urban Planning report and by considering how best to plan for a sustainable future in a post pandemic world. We also recently launched Planning is Global setting out how UK & Ireland planners are having a positive impact on planning sustainably globally.

The Displaced Planners to Work Pathway now provides an opportunity to shift focus on the individuals impacted by displacement, particularly the professional planners and related professionals who work in the arena of urban planning, regeneration, environmental protection and design, to name a few. The Displaced Planners to Work Pathway aims to support:

  • Displaced planners by helping them to find employment either in the UK or in other national territories supporting relevant training as needed.
  • Support the rebuild of affected communities by helping planners to create new equivalents of Neighborhood Plans, Masterplans and other visioning documents and strategies

The Displaced Planners to Work Pathway project is supported by a Member Advisory Group. The Terms of reference can be found here.

This hub will be regularly updated with more information. There are currently three strands to the RTPI’s focus of support. Please click on the tiles to find out more.