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National Association of Planning Enforcement (NAPE)


Planning enforcement officers provide a critical function at the sharp end of the planning system. The primary purpose of the network is to promote the role of enforcement within planning.

The Network's objectives are to:

  1. Campaign to include enforcement considerations in shaping planning policy and practice
  2. Collating views from members to help RTPI respond to consultations from government
  3. Promote the professional recognition of enforcement
  4. Encourage networking through local groups in all regions to lessen feelings of isolation
  5. Disseminate good practice and share knowledge and expertise
  6. Identify existing training provision and lobby for better and appropriate resource
  7. The NAPE Terms of Reference can be found here

The NAPE network is an essential resource for anyone working in planning enforcement. It can be joined from any of the RTPI membership classes.

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The NAPE Beginners' Guide to Planning Enforcement!

We are pleased to announce that the new RTPI NAPE Beginners' Guide to Planning Enforcement is now available. 

This Guide is a short form resource and complementary companion to the NAPE Enforcement Handbook for England, providing useful guidance and tools for planning enforcement officers who are new to the enforcement profession.

The Guide is funded by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, and has been prepared by your NAPE Management Committee.

Click here to access the Guide.