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It was amazing to see my pupils 'get it' and realise that planning is a real opportunity to make a difference.  I also found it a rewarding experience to here from one of your members, thank you for arranging the visit.

Geography teacher, West Midlands

The RTPI Future Planners initiative involves volunteer Ambassadors helping to raise awareness of town planning, and championing what a great career it is.

Ambassadors can be asked to promote the profession at university careers fairs and school assemblies, or work with teachers to help embed planning in the curriculum.  You could help with writing a case study which we can turn into a lesson or skills workshop.  You could ask your firm to offer an experience insight day for a student or class.

Stepping up to 'give back' to the profession could be a fantastic way to practise your communication skills, and a fun way to make links to community engagement and public consultations you've undertaking in your workplace.  If that is the case, and it meets your personal development plan objectives, it could also be counted as CPD.

Register your interest

Could you volunteer to bring planning into the classroom?  If you are an RTPI member and would like to represent the profession, are willing to adapt and relate planning to interesting and everyday issues, and are confident to talk engagingly about your job to young people then you may find being an RTPI ambassador rewarding.

Please note the programme is currently on pause as we review the opportunities for schools engagement however if you would like to register your interest, please email [email protected]