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Our CHANGE action plan sets out how we will create a planning profession that is as diverse as the communities it represents. To achieve this, we must make sure that there is a consistent stream of talented young people choosing to become planners.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of EXPLORE a work experience pilot that aims to encourage young people particularly those from Asian, Black, minority ethnic communities and lower socio-economic backgrounds to become planners. Working with our delivery partner Clever Egg  we will give participants the chance to explore the many rewarding roles and opportunities that the town planning profession can offer.

Clever Egg are really proud to be supporting EXPLORE. That first experience of the workplace is such an important milestone for young people; to grow their awareness of careers, build confidence and raise aspirations.  We know that host businesses will learn a lot from students too! That's why we're embedding webinars and suggesting activities for students to take part in, to broaden their understanding of planning, deepen their knowledge and share students insights. We will be here to support businesses and schools throughout, to ensure placements are rewarding and valuable to everyone taking part. 

Starting with our Learning Partners we are now seeking employer partners from across Great Britain to host young people for a week in June. We will work closely with employers to create exciting and inspiring experiences for young people as well as support them through the whole hosting experience.

EXPLORE is part of our commitment to ensure a diverse and representative profession but there is a strong social case too. Government has recognised that an extended period of unemployment, if experienced at an early age, can affect future employment prospects and lead to disadvantages, such as ill-health and poverty. The cost to individuals and society of this, both financially and socially, is significant.

Therefore register your interest here and, together, help us create a diverse talent pool for the profession and make a contribution by supporting young people make the transition from school to work and introduce them to some of the skills needed to succeed in the world of planning.