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The RTPI NE Regional Management Board is pleased to offer student prizes/awards to those studying planning at Newcastle University.

We are proud to present two distinct Awards: one for ‘the most outstanding piece of work with a North East focus’, awarded twice a year to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and the other for ‘achieving the highest overall score in the final year’ of the Master of Planning and MSc Urban Planning programs. The judging of these works is conducted by the lecturers at Newcastle University.

It is worth noting that the most outstanding piece of work can be awarded to an individual student or a group of students who have collaborated on a project.

We had the pleasure of meeting and presenting the 2023 Students Awards with their well-deserved certificates at our Annual General Meeting on Monday, December 4, 2023. 

  • Lucy Blakemore (PGT) - the highest achieving student on the final year of MSc Urban Planning 
  • Ellie Whatmough – achieving the highest overall score for the final year of the Master of Planning
  • Jake Dodgson – submitting the most outstanding piece of work with a North East Focus

(Left to right - Jake Dodgson, Jen Patterson, Lucy Blakemore and Ellie Whatmough)