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If you would like to learn more about inclusive planning and health at the RTPI, continue your CPD or get involved, please click here.

About our masterclass

The CPD Masterclass - Planning for Public Health and Wellbeing is an exciting, interactive learning experience which uses practical case studies to demonstrate how inclusive place-making can promote healthy, safe, and thriving communities whilst also contributing to combating inequality. The Masterclass demonstrates how the principles of health and well-being can be successfully integrated into the planning process at any stage.

The course will inform those engaged in planning and health, public, private, development management, planning and delivery sectors. There will be realistic solutions that can be applied by developers and councils alike.

This CPD Masterclass will equip you with:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of relevant policies and guidance documents
  • Several case studies for your inspiration to consider healthy and safe place-making for communities in your day-to-day policy and decision-making
  • Examples to implement the presented ideas

The Masterclass is designed to deliver inspiration, give confidence and motivate learners to build healthy communities. You will leave with knowledge and examples to share with their colleagues and other developers.

For complimentary CPD training please check the training calendar.