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How becoming Chartered helps you

Our commended candidates share why Chartership is important to them.

Each year, the Membership Assessment Advisory Panel (MAAP) chooses for commendation the best submissions received from those nominated by assessors. Being chosen as a commended candidate is a great way to celebrate the candidates’ hard work and the high quality of their submissions.

From the class of 2023, Olivia Forde, Heather Guyan, Clodagh Meehan Macken, Toby Smith and Alex Storey were commended. Each candidate  shared with us some Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)top tips to help future candidates prepare their own submissions and were also asked to share their thoughts on the importance of becoming a Chartered member of the RTPI.

Alex Storey, listed three important reasons for why he wanted to gain Chartered status:

  1. “It provided an early career goal and structure for my first few years in the profession." 
  2. "The process itself was rewarding. It gave me an opportunity to critically reflect on my own professional development." 
  3. "It shows other people in the industry that I have acquired a notable level of skills, knowledge, and experience. It is also validates my own professional experiences and gives me confidence to move forward.”
“Becoming Chartered gives you a confidence boost. It confirms that you have grown and developed professionally.” 

Clodagh Meehan Macken outlined the professional recognition she feels she received from gaining Chartered membership. “In the planning industry, becoming Chartered is a professional milestone that is recognised in both the public and private sectors. The qualification is also acknowledged by clients as an indicator of your professional capability. Professionally, becoming a Chartered member enabled me to progress from a Senior to a Principal Planner.”

Clodagh would recommend to early years planners to become Chartered, added that: “Becoming Chartered is a worthwhile process that carries throughout your career and is always going to look good on a CV. It may be helpful in achieving a promotion, getting a new job, for personal satisfaction, and it also opens you up to a wider professional network through the RTPI membership resources.” 

Heather Guyan agreed, recommending Chartered status due to “the networking opportunities and CPD trainings available are invaluable for personal and professional growth, helping to develop and progress as a planner. Furthermore, gaining chartership enhances your credibility and reputation within the field, increasing career opportunities.” 

Heather also confirmed that Chartered membership brings professional recogniton, not just by peers, but by the public, stating “becoming a Chartered member of the RTPI showcases my commitment to these elevated professional standards and demonstrates to colleagues and clients that I can deliver professional advice.”

Olivia Forde described the process as a reflective opportunity, saying “the APC is a particularly valuable process on a variety of levels, as well as the end result of Chartered membership, it is an opportunity to thoroughly assess your progress to date in practice and reflect on your accomplishments, whilst devising ongoing goals.”

“I feel it has boosted my confidence in my own professional abilities.”

Toby Smith described how the APC process helped him to understand more of the effects of his planning role. “Not only has the process helped me to reflect more on my work and make me more aware of the economic and political implications of my actions, but also made me realise that Planning is the profession I want to spend my career doing.” 

Finally, Toby stated, “I would recommend becoming Chartered, the process is well established and there is plenty of support throughout. It will help you to gain knowledge on the profession and it is well recognised by employers, clients, and members of the public.

Looking to become Chartered?

If you’re looking at how to become Chartered, look at our different APC routes here.  

We provide webinars to members who are preparing their APC submissions throughout the year, which can be found via our Events Calendar.

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