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Women's History Month takes place throughout March, and we've got lots we'd like to share and celebrate. In recognition of Glasgow's journey to becoming the UK’s first feminist city our theme for the month is gender needs in planning.

We've got a fantastic range of activities planned which will look not only at Glasgow, but also at Barcelona, a podcast in partnership with Women in Planning and 50 Shades of Planning and a variety of blogs. You can find more details on this in the panel below in addition to other content including our ground-breaking study on the sensitivity of planning policies to gender specific needs in urban environments.

However Women's History Month isn't just about celebrating achievements; it's also about recognising that planning policies continue to influence the lives of women and men in different ways and how women working in planning today are still experiencing gender related barriers preventing them from growing and thriving in their careers. Our 2020 Women and Planning report found that close to 50% of study participants had experienced sexist or inappropriate comments at work and almost 60% said they sometimes felt they were not taken seriously by male colleagues.

We must continue to break down systemic barriers for women. That’s why the RTPI is committed to delivering on our promise to build a planning profession that is as diverse and representative of the communities that we work for and with.

Victoria Hills, CEO RTPI