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The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has emphasised the importance of the upcoming General Election because the homes, infrastructure and services needed by our communities depend on politicians who understand the power of proactive planning. As the collective voice of planning we want to support planners to unleash the economic, social, and environmental potential of planning in the UK.

We have advocated for increased funding to councils to allow them to provide top-quality planning services. We also believe that it's important to clearly outline where manifesto promises will be delivered, strengthen local plans to empower communities, work with local leaders to avoid piecemeal development, and create plans aimed at achieving net-zero emissions.

Victoria Hill, RTPI Chief Executive

Our campaign started back in September when we launched our Planifesto with five key asks. Ever since we've been out and about speaking to ministers, councillors, peers, key stakeholders including other institutes, and of course the voting public to get the message out. We're committed to articulating the purpose and value of proactive planning and getting out on the campaign trail early has helped us to get that message across. 

Our five key asks:

  1. Fund councils to deliver high quality planning services
  2. Explain where manifesto promises will be delivered
  3. Strengthen local plans to empower communities
  4. Work with local leaders to avoid piecemeal development
  5. Plan for net zero

Over the next few weeks we will also be adding more content to this hub including showcasing what we've done so far, creating bitesized explainers on key topics planners can influence like net zero or housing, taking a look at manifesto pledges and how they stack up against our asks, and much more. We'll also be sharing updates on social media so please check for #planifesto posts.

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