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Planning Practitioner Research Award

Cities Alive: Designing Cities That Work For Women

Kim Power and Sara Candiracci

Arup, UN Development Programme, and the University of Liverpool

The global publication “Designing Cities that Work for Women”, developed by Arup, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the University of Liverpool (UoL) presents key evidence on challenges and opportunities that women of different age, socio-economic background, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, experience across different global urban contexts. Drawing on primary research findings, including a global survey and international workshops, together with a review of secondary research, the report provides actionable recommendations and guidance for urban professionals on how to design and plan for cities that are more inclusive, safer, and equitable for women and in turn, for everybody.

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Sara Candiracci, Arup

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Kim Power, Arup

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Members of the research team behind the award-winning 'Cities Alive' project

The research team have published several articles and other outputs which go into further details of the project