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There are a number of different ways in which membership can be ended. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions about the following.


You can resign your membership any time by completing the resignation from membership  and return it to [email protected]

You will have to pay any subscription arrears before being reinstated.  An administration fee may be payable.

Lapse of membership

We will remove your name from our Register of Members if you do not pay your full subscription after a final reminder. You must also pay any subscription arrears before being reinstated.

Suspending your membership

You cannot ask to be suspended from your membership but we can suspend you as a disciplinary action. During your suspension, all membership privileges will be temporarily withdrawn but you must continue to pay your fees.

Expelling your membership

We can immediately terminate your membership as an appropriate disciplinary action. You must pay all arears up to your termination date before being reinstated. We will also decide when we will allow you to be reinstated.

Deceased members

We will close down your membership immediately once we've verified that death has occurred. Your executor can apply for a monthly pro-rata reimbursement of your unused subscription.

Taking a break from membership

Members can request a leave of absence but this is solely at our discretion. You can also resign and subsequently request to be reinstated (see below).

Contact [email protected] for more details. 


To be reinstated to your former membership class, you must:

  • complete a reinstatement application form
  • show that you have at least 25 hours of continuing professional development over 18 months before you applied (licentiate, student and retired class members are excluded)
  • pay all of your subscription fees
  • pay the reinstatement administration fee (licentiate and student members are exempt)