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This survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted their responses. News on insights from the survey will be shared with members as soon as possible.

As part of our Member Value Project, a key foundation of the RTPI’s corporate strategy, we are keen to understand the value each member receives from their membership.

RTPI members come from a range of sectors, locations, and stages in their careers. It is the work of the RTPI to understand the challenges that its members experience, and to support them appropriately.

Our survey will provide you with the opportunity to share your views on the RTPI’s membership offering and will give you the chance to let us know how your professional body can support you better.

The survey results will be invaluable, helping to inform our future activities so that we can best support our members and the planning profession worldwide.

We’re also keen to hear from our non and lapsed members! Current members will receive a personalised link via email from the 15 August onwards, whereas non members can complete the survey here. If you are a member we recommend using your personalised link as the survey will be slightly shorter as it will contain some auto-populated responses. Although the survey links are personalised all responses will remain anonymous and confidential and specific comments will not be attributed to any individual (unless agreed otherwise). 

If you’re a member who has colleagues and peers that are non or lapsed members, we would love for you to circulate this link to them so we can hear from them too.

What we have delivered so far from the Member Value Project after conducting member interviews and workshops last year:


If you have any questions regarding our member survey, please read our FAQs below, or contact the Membership team at [email protected]