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Applied through

Licentiate APC (L-APC)


Professional Development Plan (PDP)


  • MPlan University of Liverpool

My career:

I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2020 having studied the MPlan Town and Regional Planning. Following this, I started my career as a Graduate at Cassidy and Ashton, where I have spent the last 3 years as a Planner in the multi-disciplinary practice of Town Planners, Architects and Building Surveyors.

My experience within Cassidy and Ashton involves providing planning consultancy for all stages of the planning and development process, from conception to completion. I am involved in a variety of projects in differing sectors, including education, commercial, residential and tourism, as well as for projects of varying scales.

I developed a particular interest in strategic planning, with a passion for navigating complex planning issues, managing the expectations of various stakeholders to development, and ultimately the smooth interactions between people and places.

Having gained in excess of 2 years’ experience on a variety of projects, I submitted my APC in May 2023. I received Chartered Membership of the RTPI in June 2023.

APC tips

Continually review and cross reference the APC Guidance

  • Review the APC guidance in detail, and repeat throughout the process. Understanding the competencies early on in the process will allow time to identify any gaps in your experience and plan your case studies for the PCS.

Approach your submission as component parts that are fundamentally connected to one another.

  • Begin preparing your reflective journal in advance and don’t be afraid to critique yourself, it is all part of the process.

  • The reflective journal is the largest element and once complete, this feeds into and shows clear focus for the other elements, defining your future learning experiences and areas for further development.

Your learning and development doesn’t end at the APC process – where next?

  • Chartered membership demonstrates a level of professional development and conduct, but there will be areas of practice you need to develop, setting specific detailed goals to help achieve your objectives and measurable results will be vital to a successful PDP.

  • Speak with your mentor and / or manager and get them on board with investing in your aspirations to further your knowledge and experience a.

Continuing learning and progression is fundamental in Planning – with ongoing updates to policy, guidance and development management priorities. As a result, continuing professional development is central to staying at the forefront of the profession and ensuring integrity in your practice.