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The RTPI Scotland and Addleshaw Goddard Annual Planning Debate

The 2019 RTPI Scotland and Addleshaw Goddard Annual Planning Debate was held in Glasgow in November with the topic of:

How do we break the infrastructure deadlock?

There is a growing recognition of the need for a more infrastructure–led approach to development but there are a number of issues in how to deliver this, including:

  • Funding - What new models should we explore to fund infrastructure in the future? Are Section 75 agreements enough? Will the new infrastructure levy generate the resources required? How can we fund the infrastructure and services generated from developing new housing such as schools, doctor surgeries and community facilities?
  • Coordination – How do we better join up approaches to infrastructure such as city region deals, regional transport strategies, the infrastructure investment plan, the national planning framework, new approaches to regional planning, the emerging Regional Economic Partnerships? How do we maximise benefits from public and private investments? Is there a cultural change required in organisations?
  • Decision making – How can we take a longer term approach to decision on infrastructure? Can and should we de-politicise decisions? How can this be coordinated nationally, regionally and locally? Is there a role for the National Planning Framework and if so, how does it need to change? How should we assess and measure the success of infrastructure investment?
  • Purpose – Can and should infrastructure be used to stimulate growth and development or open up opportunities in disadvantaged areas? How can we mainstream green infrastructure?

The debate provided different perspectives on these issues and allowed delegates to take part in a passionate and enlightening discussion.

This event was free to attend and was wholly sponsored by Addleshaw Goddard.