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The Scottish Forum for Planning (SFFP) brings together key interests and expertise in planning to provide an ongoing vision and direction for planning in Scotland. The Forum identifies, constructively responds to, and explores new ways of tackling, emerging issues in planning. It meets three times a year, with the Planning Minister attending at least one session.

The SFFP supports the delivery of planning reform and performance improvement and shares information to maximise joint working and minimise duplication.

In doing this it aims to achieve the following outcomes:

• provide constructive and proactive comment on planning issues
• develop more joined up approaches to planning
• catalyse joint working and joint programmes
• identify areas of agreement and of difference
• provide opportunities for sharing of experiences and perspectives

The SFFP aims to:

• provide constructive feedback on approaches to planning policy and practice in Scotland
• identify and share relevant new approaches to planning policy and practice
• identify and share future issues for planning policy and practice and, if appropriate, commission work to explore these in more depth
• support the development of issues discussed at the Scottish Governments Annual Planning Summit
• support the development of a programme of events, publications and support which aims to bring the key interests together to improve planning practice

The SFFP works under the Chatham House Rule. Non-attributal notes of meetings are available on request.