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Excellence in Planning for Communities (small schemes of 50 homes or less) - This category recognises projects which include up to 50 homes. Projects can integrate into the surrounding context, or be a new development in their own right. The projects must meet local needs and be in locations that have access to infrastructure and facilities for communities. They should also offer a range of tenures and demonstrate the high-quality design of buildings and place.

Excellence in Planning for Heritage & Culture - This category recognises projects that have improved or enhanced places with a particular historical or cultural significance, for the benefit of the community and future generations. Submissions can include either existing buildings that have been restored or new developments.

Excellence in Planning for a Successful Economy - This category recognises any projects that promote and support a successful prosperous economy. Projects could include minerals planning, industrial, commercial or infrastructure, regeneration schemes or improvements to the public realm.

Excellence in Tech within Planning Practice - This category recognises any projects that have used a new type of technology or used technology in a new or innovative way. We are looking for projects where technology has been crucial to the outcome.