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There are lots of opportunities to get involved with RTPI London. Whether you want to attend meetings, join a committee, join our Young Planners group, or help with events, there is plenty to choose from.

We Need YOU!

With over 3,000 members, RTPI London is one of the largest regions, this means we aim to deliver, fun, educational, free/low-cost events to all our members. It can be a challenge for us to organise events that are accessible and interesting to all of our members, we are looking for volunteers to join our Regional Activities Committee or to get involved with event ideas, planning, speakers, sponsorship, and event space. Get in touch today as we’d love your help!

Get in touch

Other ways to get involved

If you’re interested in other ways of getting involved like attending Regional Activities Committee meetings, which are open to any members to attend as an observer, we’d also love to hear from you. Members are welcome from all areas of planning and we are always ready to welcome new recruits.

Drop us a line today.