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The Planner Live Online: Planning for Post Pandemic Recovery

This week-long digital conference explored planning's vital role in shaping a post COVID-19 future.

29 June – 3 July 2020

About the event:

The world is in the grip of two crises - the coronavirus epidemic which has brought societies to a halt; and the climate change crisis, which continues to eat away at our capacity to build resilient, healthy and sustainable societies. This year, our Planning Convention looked a little different: over 5 days of FREE webinars and online discussions open to planners everywhere, The Planner Live Online explored how planning is coping in this age of crisis.

You can catch up on all sessions on our YouTube channel.

Head over to the Related RTPI links tab for a number of related articles, RTPI Learn modules and information related to the sessions and topics covered during The Planner Live Online series.


YouTube Premiere: Presidential introduction with Sue Manns FRTPI

Watch the 2020 RTPI President, Sue Manns FRTPI, give her opening address to launch The Planner Live Online week – the video will premiere at 10.30am on YouTube.

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - The risks exposed: What COVID-19 is telling us about the way we plan and build our living environments

A discussion with a neuroscientist and a planner focusing on key themes of the week: health, inequality, environment and the need to plan for more resilient homes and neighbourhoods.

Watch here

YouTube Premiere: PINS CEO Sarah Richards MRTPI in conversation with RTPI Chief Executive Victoria Hills MRTPI FICE

Watch our YouTube premiere of the debate between the CEO of the England Planning Inspectorate and the CEO of the RTPI on the challenges of lockdown for the inspectorate.

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - Post-COVID urban mobility in low income countries

The session will provide an overview of the DFID-funded High Volume Transport (HVT) Applied Research Programme, and how it is responding to COVID-19 challenges and the recovery. The aim of the research programme is to make transport safer, greener, more affordable, accessible and inclusive in low-income countries.

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - Transport for green recovery

Transport has completely changed during lockdown. What are the long term impacts for active and mass transport and the impact and implications for transport infrastructure planning in the future?

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - Current and Future State of Town Planning Recruitment

How the Town Planning job market has responded to Covid-19 and how recruiting in the sector will change over the next year.

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - New priorities for health and wellbeing – a function of place?

With social distancing a new feature of our lives how has the emphasis on place changed in terms of health and wellbeing? What will remain?

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - How to Build a Town Square and the Implications of Covid-19 on Public Space Design

A town square is a piece of architecture that supports the life of a town. If roads and streets are its arteries, then squares and plazas are at the heart of the town. The Cornhill (or town pump) area is arguably Dorchester's equivalent to a town square. Over recent years, Cornhill has become rather neglected. Bournemouth-based design studio Feria Urbanism intend to restore Cornhill so it can once again become the proud heart of the town. This webinar will explore the design process of a public realm project currently in progress and will investigate the social-distancing requirements of a Covid-19 world.

Watch here

YouTube Premiere: Co-Star and the RTPI - the future of commercial centres

Data analysts Co-Star present the latest data on commercial properties which have been massively impacted. Experts will debate what the impact will be for planning for our commercial centres.

James Harris - Policy & Networks Manager, RTPI
James Shuttleworth - Head of Planning, Salford City Council
Mark Stansfield - Managing Analyst, CoStar

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live - How will Covid-19 change the way we plan our towns and cities?

Public health has always been a central concern for planners, and disease outbreaks have at various points in history had fundamental and enduring impacts on our towns and cities. Bringing together a panel of leading practitioners and thinkers, this session will explore the challenges that the Covid-19 crisis poses for our towns and cities, as well as the implications that it might have for the way we plan them in the future.

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - Climate action and environmental impact – the role of the local planning authority

Many commentators note the immediate impact of fewer journeys on the climate - what is the the role of the local planning authority in capitalising on this?

Watch here

YouTube Premiere: The Chief Planners in conversation with Wei Yang FRTPI, RTPI Vice President - The Nations plans for a post-pandemic recovery

The RTPI brings together the Chief Planners from the UK Nations and Ireland to debate what their priorities will be post COVID-19 with RTPI Vice President, Wei Yang.

Dr Michael Bingham OBE MRTPI - Acting Chief Planner, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Governments
Neil Hemington MRTPI - Chief Planner, Welsh Government
Angus Kerr MRTPI - Chief Planner, Dfl Northern Ireland
John McNairney MRTPI - Chief Planner, Scotland Government

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - Planning for Post COVID-19 economic and social recovery and planning's contribution

This is a unique time in history and planners will be central to recovery of our economies and communities. What will planners contribute and what will future generations thank the planners of now for?

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - Land Value Capture

Current challenges and future policy: lessons from England, Scotland and the rest of Europe. Capturing land value, especially the increased value created by planning permission, has long been central to planning debates, planning policy and planning practice, whether it has been through the means of unhypothecated national taxation. In the early postwar years or through planning obligations and CIL in more recent decades, with the latter being used for funding infrastructure and new affordable homes.

Watch here

Webinar: The Planner Live Online - London Planners Idea Exchange: Inclusive Economies

The pandemic is catalysing the greatest economic downturn for centuries. What can planners do to help facilitate the recovery, and bring in more inclusive economic growth.

Watch here

YouTube: The RTPI's Presidential team round up their highlights from a busy week of webinars and online discussions

Watch here


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