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RTPI response to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

We welcome the revised GMSF as the first city-region to produce a Development Plan Document (DPD) in the North of England. The RTPI supports the pooling of planning powers and is following developments closely in preparation for possible future guidance for other combined authorities.

The RTPI strongly encourages the principles of strategic spatial planning and the benefits it brings to economic growth, the environment, social wellbeing and transport as outlined in our 2014 paper Thinking Spatially.

In summary our main recommendations focus on:

· The length and detail which make it difficult to consider as one holistic document

· A lack of resources highlighted by an evidence base that could be more robust in areas such as meeting the city-region's housing need outlined in the Greater Manchester Housing Land Supply Statement risks delaying and undermining the process

· A delay in the GMSF would be unfortunate for the wider devolution agenda and illustrates the need for combined authorities and Local Planning Authorities to have sufficient capacity supported by adequate resourcing.

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