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  • Be clear on the role you’re applying for – what are the commitments? How will this fit into your day to day role and personal/social life? 
  • Find out more about the role you are applying for in advance – read the role description, speak to the Chair, some who has previously been elected or the relevant staff member for the committee. 
  • Talk to your employer first – explaining why you want to volunteer with the RTPI, the benefits it will bring to you professionally and to your organisation will really help gaining support from your employer to enable you to do the day job and volunteer. Perhaps share this blog, written by Darren Muir, Director at Pegasus Group which talks about the value of volunteering to the employer.
  • Network as much as you can 
  • Speak to your ‘supporters’ in advance – you will need their permission to include their name and email. Once the form is completed, they receive an automatic email asking them to confirm their support.
  • Have a photo ready to upload
  • Please remember to also update your contact details by logging in to our website – as your registered details will determine which positions are advertised to you.
  • Try out volunteering elsewhere first, such as your local Regional Activities Committee or externally. Draw on this experience of volunteering elsewhere.
  • Your application doesn’t need to be super lengthy. Keep it to the main points and answer any questions clearly.
  • Have a go!