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The Conduct and Discipline Panel is responsible for investigating any alleged breach of the Code of Professional Conduct on behalf of the RTPI. The Panel is empowered to decide whether a breach of the Professional Code of Conduct has occurred and, where it has, to discipline the member. 

The Panel is appointed by the Board of Trustees and is comprised of between six and eight members as follows:

  • Chartered Town Planners
  • at least one Legal Member or Legal Associate
  • at least one independent person

It meets up to four times a year.

Time taken to investigate and determine a complaint

The time taken will depend on the complexity of the case, the amount of documentation to be studied, the timings of the Panel every 3-4 months and whether an appeal is made against the decision of the Panel. Investigations therefore generally take at least 6 months before a decision can be reached.

Disciplinary action

If the Panel finds that a member has breached the Code, the Institute may:

  • Warn the member as to his or her future conduct;
  • Reprimand the member;
  • Suspend the member's membership of the Institute; or
  • Terminate the member's membership.

What happens depends on the severity of the breach of the Code, and any mitigating factors with the particular case. The Panel will also decide whether to name a member in any publicity it makes when a breach of the Code is found.

Panel members

The panel members are:

Further information on professional standards and making a complaint is available through the links below or by email.

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