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We could not do this without input from our members who give up their time to share their knowledge and expertise with us.

Membership Assessment Advisory Panel (MAAP)

MAAP is a sub-committee of the RTPI Membership and Ethics Committee and is responsible for overseeing the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). Find out more here.

Conduct and Discipline Panel  

An integral part of the work and responsibility of the RTPI involves ensuring that professional ethics are upheld. A key role for the Conduct and Discipline Panel lies in deliberating over complaints brought against planners concerning alleged breaches of the Code. Find out more about how to get involved here.

Conduct and Discipline Appeal Committee   

Each Appeal Committee consists of three members drawn from the pool of Appeal Committee members and is constituted to hear an individual appeal. Find out more about vacancies here.

Partnership and Accreditation Panel & Partnership Boards

The RTPI’s Partnership and Accreditation Panel (PAP) is composed of all Chairs and Vice Chairs of RTPI Partnership Boards and Accreditation Boards and Dialogue Members for universities applying for RTPI accreditation. We are seeking volunteers with an interest in planning education to become PAP members and support this work. Find out more here.