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The RTPI Partnership and Accreditation Panel (PAP) is composed of those RTPI representatives involved in the accreditation and partnership process, a key area of the Institute’s work, vital for the successful development of a talented and well-equipped planning workforce. Members wishing to volunteer on Partnership Boards are first appointed to the PAP before being allocated a Partnership Board role (Chair, Vice Chair, Dialogue Member), on recommendation of RTPI Education Officers to the Chair and Vice Chair of the PAP.

With currently over 50 members drawn from academia and practice, the PAP meets as a group annually. The annual meeting, chaired by the PAP Chair and Vice Chair, provides an opportunity to receive updates about RTPI activities, to discuss the most recent Partnership Board meeting cycle and any issues arising and to explore any other matters affecting planning higher education.

We are now seeking volunteers with an interest in planning education to become PAP members and support this work from Autumn 2023.

Who can apply? 

The roles are open to RTPI Chartered members and retired Members or Fellows with an interest in planning education and higher education policy, and who are either working, or have worked, as planning academics or as practitioners in the public or private sectors. 

The roles

Volunteer roles on the PAP include:

  • Dialogue member
  • Chair and Vice Chair of the Accreditation Board (during the initial process of accrediting a new Planning School at a university)
  • Chair or Vice Chair of a Partnership Board (once a university has gained full accreditation)

Find out more about each role below.

Selection and appointment

Applications will be reviewed by RTPI Education Officers in collaboration with the Chair and Vice Chair of the PAP. Successful applicants will be notified in advance of the in-person annual PAP meeting taking place in London on 8th September 2023 which they will be expected to attend for induction and training. As vacancies arise, new PAP volunteers will be allocated positions on a Partnership Board as appropriate. Typically, new volunteers will first be offered Vice Chair roles.

How we will support you

  • The RTPI will provide relevant policy and practice documents and guidance for the roles
  • All new volunteers will receive induction and training at the annual in-person PAP meeting on 8 September 2023
  • You will have a Key Contact for the role
  • Volunteer involvement is supported by relevant organisational policies, procedures and insurance
  • The Royal Town Planning Institute will reimburse expenses reasonably incurred by trustees, members, staff, and other volunteers carrying out Institute business, on a cost-effective basis


 If you have any questions about the roles, contact the RTPI Education team on [email protected]


Ready to apply?