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The Membership Assessment Advisory Panel (MAAP) is a sub-committee of the RTPI Membership and Ethics Committee and is responsible for overseeing the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), and all aspects deriving from this including:

  • Assessment Guidance and resources
  • Assessor Recruitment & Training
  • Routes to membership
  • APC Commendations
  • APC Activity

The Panel is empowered to put forward recommendations to the Membership and Ethics Committee on strategic changes to the membership assessment procedures, methods to ensure quality and consistency of membership assessments, and support for candidates and assessors.

As the panel is responsible for overseeing assessors, all panel members are required to have up-to-date knowledge of assessment processes and routes to membership, and must attend the annual assessor training.

The Panel is appointed by the RTPI Nominations Sub-Committee for a two year term. At least two of the panel members will not be assessors.

The composition of the panel is:

  • Chair (Membership and Ethics Committee Member)
  • Licentiate Assessment of Professional Competence Assessor – 1
  • Associate Assessment of Professional Competence Assessor – 1
  • Experienced Practitioner Assessment of Professional Competence Assessor – 1
  • Assessor for the Associate or Legal Associate class – 1
  • Learning Partner employer – 2
  • Academic representative – 1
  • Young Planner – 1