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Assessment of Professional Competence Review

As part of the Education for Everyone project, the RTPI is undertaking a review of the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) which provides various routes into Chartered membership. The purpose of this review is to identify if there are any issues with the current APC arrangements and to consider potential changes to the process, guidance, and assessment model. An APC Review Group comprising a cross-section of members, including recent candidates, employers from both the public and private sectors and APC Assessors, was established at the end of 2022.

The APC Review Working Group conducted a survey to gather the views of different stakeholders and sections of the RTPI membership, to ensure a broad range of thoughts and opinions on the current assessment processes and procedures were captured. This has begun to provide a solid evidence base for any changes made to the content or requirements for the APC in the future.

In late 2023, the programme of work was reviewed with elements properly incorporated into Education for Everyone.  There are similarities and connections across the education pathways into the APC and so the increased coordination and analysis of the data and information around the accreditation of degrees and the work experience and competencies required for the APC will ensure a clear route for students and the planners of tomorrow into the profession.