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Education for Everyone

Encompassing the APC Review and the Education Policy Review

The Planner's annual careers survey revealed a stark view of our profession. Workloads are up, resources are scarce, and qualified planners are in short supply. Planning officers and consultancies are struggling to attract and retain talent. This matters not just to the future of planners, but to the communities we represent and that's why Education for Everyone is a priority for us.

The aim of broadening access to pathways into chartered membership and reaching out to attract diverse talent encompasses two reviews projects for the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) and for Initial Planning Education. 

The aim of the APC Review is to identify if there are any issues with the current APC arrangements and to consider potential changes to the process, guidance, and assessment model.

Complementing it is what has been termed the Education Policy Review which is considering the Institute's approach to degree-level accreditation to check that it remains fit-for-purpose.  The context for initial planning education, the profession at large and the Institute has changed significantly since 2003 when the current principles of accreditation were adopted.

Undertake a detailed review – EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE – to broaden access to the pathways into chartered membership, to reach out to attract diverse talent, which will include reviewing the time taken, the delivery mechanisms and the content of courses. Review the existing model of entry and learning outcome requirements for accredited planning schools to ensure it fits our new, more inclusive and reactive model, seeking to accredit further planning schools that support delivery of our vision and mission. Broaden planning education requirements to enable a wider pool of experts working in related built environment disciplines to become chartered professional planners.

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