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Information on preparing a resubmission for your APC, Associate or Legal Associate application.

Making a resubmission

A deferral is not a rejection and candidates are usually encouraged to resubmit for the next available deadline. However, if the assessors have recommended that you gain more experience, you should ensure that you have met this requirement before resubmitting. See our resubmission deadlines and how to submit.

Your feedback form

The candidate feedback form (sent to you in the post) includes detailed feedback from the assessors on all aspects of your application. The front page shows a summary of your results and the body of the report contains comprehensive comments for each section. In the sections where you have been unsuccessful, the assessors have provided guidance and advice on what they expect you to resubmit.

What do I need to resubmit?

Resubmitting the PES, PCS and PDP

Your assessors can ask you to resubmit either a supplementary statement or complete resubmission of any of these sections of the written submission. If you are required to resubmit just the PDP you will be referred to our PDP Support Phase. Your PDP must be current at the point of your resubmission and should not include any actions dated in the past.

Resubmitting the Corroborator Declaration Form

You only need to resubmit this if you introduce new experience or case studies in your resubmission. If you are  expanding on experience or case studies mentioned in your previous submission - a new Corroborator Declaration Form is not required.

Resubmitting the Application Form / Personal Details and Payment Form

You do not need to resubmit these documents unless specifically requested by your assessors or if your personal information has changed since your initial submission (e.g. you have changed jobs).

Resubmitting the Sponsor Declaration Form

This does not need to be resubmitted.

Resubmitting the Reflective Journal (L-APC and A-APC only)

You can submit additional Reflective Journal entries if you wish, but this is not required. You would need to provide a new Corroborator Declaration Form to cover this.

Resubmitting the examples of professional work (EP-APC only)

You can submit further examples if you wish, but you would not be expected to submit more than 1-2 additional examples.

Word limit for resubmissions

Resubmitting a full section

You can place less emphasis on the criteria that have been successful but the section must still make sense as a whole. You will not be reassessed on any criteria that have already been deemed successful, except for general presentation. You must remain within the overall word limit for your submission, bearing in mind the word count of any successful sections (see membership guidance for word limits).

Submitting a supplementary statement

You must meet the word count stipulated in the candidate feedback form (there will be a tolerance of +/-10%).

The word count of your documents will be verified in the RTPI's administration checks.

How to submit a resubmission

You must email your resubmission documents to in Word, PDF or (for emails) Outlook format. Please label the documents clearly stating your membership or contact reference number, last name, route and name of section being resubmitted (e.g. 12345 Smith L-APC PDP Resubmission). You should also ensure that your resubmitted content includes page and paragraph numbers.

Is there a time limit for resubmissions?

Any resubmission can be made up to two years from the date of your first submission. After this period you will have to submit a new application which will be assessed in its entirety by new assessors; the new application would need to comply with guidance in place at that time.

Resubmission fees

See our fees for resubmission.

Resources for resubmission

Questions about your resubmission?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Team if you have any queries on +44(0)20 7929 9462 or at