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Welsh Planner Live

The 2020 Wales Planning Conference goes digital

Welsh Planner Live was a week of digital conference sessions looking at how planning and planners can take climate action. All of the sessions are available to view on the RTPI's YouTube channel

21 September – 25 September 2020

The climate change crisis continues to eat away at our capacity to build resilient, healthy and sustainable societies. Whilst it is not an easy pathway, planning and planners sit at the vanguard of the solutions.


Details of the speakers and chairs can be viewed here.

Thank you to our sponsors Savills and FTB.

Absolute Zero

To set the scene for the week we hear from Dr Rick Lupton about the challenges to society and we can take action now to address this and Rita Singh will discuss the need for action from a Welsh context.

Biodiversity’s role in addressing climate change

The session explored biodiversity’s role in addressing climate action. The focus is often solely on addressing carbon reduction without considering nature’s answers. The porgramme included Dr Paul Jepson, Ecosulis, Caryn le Roux, Welsh Government and Professor Steve Ormerod of Cardiff University.

Built Environment and Influencing Behaviour

In order to plan the world we need we need to consider how built environment professionals and the public behave; we all need to be traveling on the same path to achieve the ambition to take climate action. Psychologist, Lorraine Whitmarsh discusses how we can achieve this.

Planning to Achieve Net Zero – Energy

Where and how we build has a huge impact on our energy usage. Our speakers will explore the choices of energy capacity of locations for development and the need to adapt existing housing to reduce energy consumption.

Speakers are David Thomas, Head of Energy, Savills and Dr Jo Patterson, Cardiff University.

Placemaking Wales Charter

The Welsh Government has drawn together a wider representation of organisations to drive the embedding placemaking in Wales. The webinar hears from the Welsh Government Minister for Housing and Local Government, Julie James MS about the Placemaking Wales Charter and Building Better Places.

Transport delivering for climate action

Transport options and choices are a huge influence on addressing climate change. This webinar hears from Mike Axon, Vectos and Natalie Grohmann, Welsh Government to discuss how we plan transport to reduce our carbon emissions and take healthier options.

Where is policy now? A practical approach for LDPs.

Planning Policy Wales has set national planning policy with placemaking and climate at its centre, local policies need to embed this. This webinar will look at how local policies can take the action they need to, to guide development and meet community aspirations and embed good placemaking.

The webinar will be chaired by Simon Power, RTPI Cymru Chair hears from Ian Tant the RTPI’s Climate Action Champion and Tom Evans and Steve Smith from City and County of Swansea.

The Role and Relevance of Climate Change on planning in Wales

Emyr Jones and Annabel Graham Paul from FTB will lead this webinar focusing on case law around decisions which promote climate action.

Plan the World we Need: how are others addressing climate action around the UK

Our online format this year enables us to draw together a speaker panel and audience from beyond Wales, so we are taking advantage to draw on experiences and thoughts from across the UK. The session will be chaired by RTPI President, Sue Manns, and panellists include Jen Heal, Design Commission for Wales and Barbara Cummins from Historic Scotland and Simon Power will discuss the climate response of UK core cities and encouraging place leadership (more speakers to be announced).

So what did we think of that? Reflections of the week from young planners.

Across the week we have heard from speakers from across the UK and different disciplines, but what do we make of this? In concluding the week we ask how will planners contribute to taking climate action and what will future generations thank the planners of now for? We will hear from a panel of young planners who reflect on the week, chaired by Alex Egge, Wales Young Planner of the Year. Panellists include Emmeline Reynish, Chair of Young Planners Cymru, Katie Jones, Flintshire County Council and Thom Simnett, Cardiff University MSc student. 


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