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Wales Planning Conference

Cynhadledd Cynllunio Cymru

The Wales Planning Conference 2022 returns in person this year and will be held on Thursday 23rd June, at the Holland House Hotel, Cardiff. The title for this year’s Conference is Planning Delivering Health and Wellbeing.

The delivery of well-being outcomes is key to the Well-being of Future Generations Act, and planning services and the profession have an important role in delivering many aspects of this including housing, active travel, green space, community facilities and of course supporting nature-based solutions and taking climate action to address the well-being needs of future generations. Many health outcomes are also underpinned by decisions on place. The Conference will discuss many of these issues and how they can deliver valuable benefits.


PLEASE NOTE: We are aware that one of the strikes announced by the RMT Union falls on the day of the Wales Planning Conference, 23rd June. We are monitoring the situation and exploring contingency arrangements.