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Regional News

This page is your one stop spot for local RTPI News including Presidents Visits, Awards and Branchout. Branchout is your local newsletter keeping you up-to-date with RTPI South West news and planning issues and is published three times a year.

Your editor is Ian Perry, South West Junior Vice Chair. Please get in touch with any suggested articles.

Branchout Autumn/Winter 2021

  • Message from the Chair
  • Editor’s Blog
  • Planning for Sport Post Lockdown
  • Yeovil Refresh - Regenerating a place
  • Learning from Europe: FREIBURG
  • Rewilding’ - what’s all that about?
  • Young Planner Updates
  • University of Plymouth Graduation Ceremony
  • University Research Repositories
  • Planning dissertation summary report
  • Virtual Work Experience
  • RTPI President’s Visit to the South West
  • Awards - The results
  • Planning Aid Updates
  • LPA direct provision of housing
  • Onshore wind & solar planning ESRC
  • Why is providing for cycle traffic so hard?
  • RMB/RAC Updates
  • RTPI South West Engagement Network
  • Getting to know you - Harry Quartermain
  • Walking Event Reports
  • Forthcoming events
  • RTPI SW Dinner 2022

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Local authorities housing and property companies 2021 download - as part of the 'How Councils are engaging in more direct delivery of housing in the South West' article


RTPI President Visits 2021

On 28 June Wei Yang joined us for a webinar on Digital Planning, creating a modern and accessible planning profession. The discussion included the following questions - how the planning profession is evolving through the use of open data and machine-readable information. Is it working? Are there still challenges to overcome? Do we need the private and public sector to work more closely? Do planners have access to the training and tools they need?

Watch the webinar

On 22 October Wei Yang visited Plymouth to further the conversation about digital planning and visit The Box (The City’s brand new museum, art gallery and archive) and The Market Hall (A brand new venue for the city with an immersive dome. It’s a world class space for digital innovation). 

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