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The Chartered Town Planner Apprenticeship is a real job in planning which enable you to work and study at the same time. Successful completion of the apprenticeship will give you professional recognition and status as a qualified planner.  You will end up as a Chartered Town Planner (MRTPI) having gained practical experience in the work place and passed an RTPI accredited degree.  The scheme was developed by a group consisting of public and private sector representatives, planning employers, universities and training providers. 

This apprenticeship has two possible entry points and will typically take 3-6 years overall, depending on prior qualifications. Apprentices will be assessed through a Professional Discussion and the RTPI Assessment of Professional Competence.

You will learn about key areas of planning including sustainable development, planning law and stakeholder engagement. You will also learn how to undertake research, implement planning policy and manage projects. The approved standard and End-Point-Assessment documentation outlines the required planning knowledge, skills and behaviours for the apprenticeship.


• Free student membership of the RTPI
• Achieve a RTPI accredited postgraduate qualification
• Become a Chartered Town Planner
• Work alongside experienced professionals to learn in-demand skills.
• Earn a salary

Summary of the apprenticeship route

Further information

The Chartered Town Planner apprenticeship can only be taken at an RTPI accredited Planning School and is currently offered by the following universities in England.

If you are currently studying for the Chartered Town Planner Apprenticeship you can find out more about the requirements here.

Please note there are different apprenticeship systems across the UK. This page has information about apprenticeships in England. If you are interested in apprenticeships in the other nations, you can find out more:

Northern Ireland