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Founded in 1914 as the Town Planning Institute, the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) is the professional membership body and chartered institute for planning in Britain. This archive of the RTPI’s Journal documents the experiences and work of planners. It records significant moments in the history of the Institute from its formation in 1914 through to today. 

Planning has fundamentally impacted the lives of all in Britain since World War I. From the large suburban construction of the interwar period, through to the reconstruction and new towns of the post-war period, and into the urban redevelopment of the last 40 years, our cities and spaces are indelibly shaped by the thought and work of planners. This resource will help for understanding of 20th-century Britain through the planners whose work created and transformed places.

The history of the planning profession and the Institute reflects world history. A history that can be both difficult and inspiring; for example, planners working in apartheid era South Africa sits next to members working with the Calcutta Metropolitan Planning Organization to create an accessible city post Indian independence. This juxtaposition is not unique to planning and the RTPI and reflects the uncomfortable truth(s) that underpin the modern world.

By making this archive freely accessible we invite consideration and reflection of the ways in which planning has contributed to these uncomfortable truths and the ways in which RTPI members and the profession has strived for positive social, political, and cultural change. 

Papers and Discussions of the Town Planning Institute (1914-1923):


Journal of the (Royal) Town Planning Institute (1923-1971)


The Planner (1972-1993) (volume 58) (volume 59)


Please note that volumes 4, 5, 7, 30-37 are missing from the scans. If you would like to consult these volumes please contact [email protected].