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RTPI responds to Long Term Plan for Towns

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has responded to the government's announcement of its long-term plan for towns, which will see 55 towns, including seven in Scotland and four in Wales, receiving long-term investment.

Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute, said: “The Government’s announcement of Town Boards shows a welcome focus on local communities having a direct say on the future of their areas. It amplifies the importance of place-making in providing economic, societal and community well-being. A subject in which our members are experts.

“We would argue strongly that local planning authorities with their intimate knowledge of the towns they serve should be invited to join these boards to provide their professional knowledge and to ensure their success.

“We also offer our support to the Towns and High Streets Taskforce to provide an expert voice from the planning profession. Our recently published ‘Planifesto 2024’ highlights the need to unleash the power of planning as it is one of the sharpest tools available to local government, local leaders and communities to positively shape their futures.”

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