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How becoming Chartered can help your career

Our commended candidates share their thoughts

Each year, the Membership Assessment Advisory Panel (MAAP) chooses for commendation the best submissions received. Being chosen as a commended candidate is a great way to celebrate the candidates’ hard work and the high quality of their submissions. From the class of 2022, Riaan van Eeden, Si leong Hugo NG, George Williams and Georgia Crowley were commended. Each candidate also shared information about their planning career and some APC top tips to help future candidates prepare their own submissions.

The commended candidates were also asked to share their thoughts on the importance of becoming a Chartered member of the RTPI.

Si leong Hugo commented that once he was elected a Chartered member, his employer promoted him by way of recognising this achievement. He also stated that writing his APC submission allowed him to reflect on his planning practice to date: “The L-APC route has provided me with a great framework to reflect my past planning experience and to keep track of the goals that I would like to achieve. I was also motivated to take part in planning related learning and outreach activities to further improve my planning skills.”

Riaan reflected on how becoming Chartered helps to maintain high professional standards: “Gaining Chartered membership was a personal milestone that helped me feel part of a wider professional community, alongside an increased level of responsibility to continue upholding the ethics, standards, and professional behaviour that inspires confidence and trust in professional town planners.” 

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Riaan van Eeden

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Si leong Hugo NG

“I wanted to gain Chartership with the Institute as I felt it was an important step in my career.”

George Williams

Alice considered the importance of undergoing the APC and becoming Chartered by saying: “It was recognition of all the hours of training and experience that I had undertaken to get to that point. It gives me confidence in my abilities and a sense of pride to be part of an international body of planners who uphold the highest ethics and professional standards. Being able to say that I am a Chartered member of the RTPI shows to others both inside and outside of the industry that I am a trustworthy professional. Now that I am a Chartered member, I feel that I have opened up a world of opportunities for career progression and new challenges.”

Georgia said “My Chartership demonstrates that I possess high standards of ability and professionalism, will enable me to develop a stronger network at a professional level and commits me to continued training and development throughout my career to uphold the RTPI Code of Conduct that bounds all members. All of this will help me to advance in the next stages of my career.” Georgia also reflected on the importance of becoming a Chartered member both for her and her employer “Being Chartered with the RTPI is also of great importance to many of my clients at Lichfields as it provides them an assurance of mine and my colleagues ability and reliability.”


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Alice Knowles

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Georgia Crowley

RTPI benefits

There are a range of benefits for our members, regardless of what class of membership you have. These include invaluable networking opportunities and discounted events, keeping up to date with the monthly Planner magazine and research and policy news as well as careers and consultancy advice. 

Find out more

The Membership Team runs a series of webinars covering every aspect of the APC. They are free of charge and places can be booked through the Events Calendar section of our website. They are a great opportunity to find out more about the requirements of the APC, learn some top tips and to ask questions.

Upcoming webinars include:

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