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Climate strategy puts planning on the frontline in the climate crisis

Government has published its energy security plan to decarbonise the energy sector and bring down household bills. The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) believes Government strategy puts planning on the frontline in the battle against the climate crisis.

Richard Blyth, the RTPI’s Head of Policy Practice and Research, said: “Government has given planning an important role in the fight against the climate crisis, with many policies announced today confirming the importance of an adequately resourced planning system.

“New technologies need to be accompanied by essential investments into the grid, where capacity is undermining decarbonisation plans. The planning system needs to be at the forefront of delivering new renewable technology and low carbon energy projects and upgrading and developing new grid connections.

As stated in February, the Government’s Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects action plan is a promising step towards building infrastructure better and faster. While today’s announcement adds to the information called for by the RTPI, we will continue to ask for greater details on what infrastructure is expected, as well as important spatial direction about where infrastructure should be delivered.

“We are concerned that more has not been done to support onshore windfarms. 80% of people in the UK support onshore wind. It is a clear and easy win for green energy, and more must be done to ensure it plays a key role in the UK’s energy future.

“Planning plays a crucial role in the transition to a net zero society, engaging communities and enabling environmentally friendly choices in everything from energy to transport. We look forward to further details from Government on its transition to net zero.”

The announcements included:

Infrastructure – Funding:

  • UK’s floating offshore wind industry given a £160m fund to support integral port infrastructure projects
  • Carbon Capture projects will be selected to be taken to the next stage as part of the previously announced £20bn CCUS funding  
  • Fifth round of Contracts for Difference, which aims to incentivize investment in renewable electricity generation. Part of an £80bn funding pot since 2010.
  • UK Infrastructure Bank has announced will invest up to £200m across short and long duration electricity storage.
  • A shortlist of 20 projects has been announced to take to the next stage in the first electrolytic hydrogen allocation round. 

Infrastructure – Policy:

  • Consultation open for the energy NPSs (EN-1 to EN-5)
  • Great British Nuclear to be initially led by Simon Bowen as interim Chair and Gwen-Parry Jones OBE as interim CEO  
  • Electricity Networks Commissioner will deliver recommendations to Ministers in June around what more can be done to speed up network infrastructure.


  • £30m Heat Pump Investment Accelerator program intended to increased investment and manufacturing of heat pumps.
  • The Great British Insulation Scheme, a rebranded ECO+, will upgrade 300,000 of the country’s least energy efficient homes.


  • More than £380m invested in Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund
  • £15 million investment for the On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme


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