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Streamline NSIPs process to drive economic growth and reach net zero

Government has published an action plan setting out changes to the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) regime. The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) believes Government’s decision to review National Policy Statements (NPS) is a significant step towards achieving net zero ambitions and driving economic growth.

Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the RTPI, said: “The Government’s NSIPs action plan is a promising first step towards building infrastructure better and faster. Used effectively, infrastructure can be integral in delivering a net zero future whilst driving economic growth. All too often we see important projects delayed by an increasingly drawn-out consenting process and mounting paperwork.

“Government has recognised that outdated National Policy Statements were not providing the necessary direction developers needed to avoid project delays. Once they’re updated, we expect to see projects delivered faster in the public interest.

“We’d also like to see National Policy Statements go beyond saying just what infrastructure is needed, but provide important spatial direction about where infrastructure should be delivered. They should also be interlinked to establish a clearer understanding of our built environment.

“Finally, we welcome the upcoming guidance on ‘constructive engagement’ and the increased funding for Local Authorities to engage with NSIPs because the success of all new infrastructure is reliant on local consent.”

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