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The Volunteer Advisory Group

The 2020-30 Strategy for Volunteer Engagement was launched in 2020 and is a key foundation in the 2020-2030 Corporate Strategy. The strategy sets out a clear vision for enabling our members to make a real difference to our work and to the communities in which they work. We want every RTPI volunteer - whoever you are, wherever you are based and whatever your role – to have a consistently positive experience, now and in the future. Building on the good practice that is already in place, we want to improve the volunteer journey, from the moment you choose to offer your time and talents until your step down from your role, recognising and celebrating your achievements and the impact you have on the RTPI, our members, and the communities we support.

Our Volunteer Strategy was developed with input from staff and volunteers alike, and we want to continue this collaborative approach as we set out delivering against the strategy’s key objectives. To facilitate this and to continue our engagement with all those involved in RTPI’s volunteering activity we established an Advisory Group of volunteers in December 2021. We would be happy to involve new members, if you're interested in improving the volunteering experience for other members. We would especially like to hear from those in under represented regions, nations or areas of involvement. See further details below.

About the role

The Advisory group is in place to ensure that we take a collaborative approach when delivering the objectives of the strategy. Made up of volunteers from across the organisation, we hope to ensure that the wide range of volunteering opportunities within the Institute is represented. The group will include both new and longer-term volunteers from across the RTPI’s diverse membership base. As our aim is to ensure volunteers have a positive experience of volunteering whilst with the RTPI, you are best placed to tell us what this is like and what would improve your experience.

The aims of the Advisory Group are:

  • Primarily to advise the Project Board on the volunteering experience, from your perspective as an active volunteer. This volunteer’s ‘voice’ will ensure that the Project Board makes informed decisions with the volunteer at the heart of them.
  • To be an advocate for best practice in volunteer engagement.
  • To promote the use of new practices in relation to volunteering.
  • To be part of the cultural change that is needed to achieve the goals detailed in Investing in Volunteers: Collaboration for a Sustainable Future.
  • To help the RTPI foster a culture of effective and collaborative working across all departments.