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The RTPI has a vision of the planning profession to be, as diverse as the communities it represents, to act inclusively, treating everyone fairly and seeking to provide a culture which delivers the best outcomes for the diverse society in which and for whom we work. 

Aimed at employers across the planning profession this new Framework is a recognition of commitment and demonstration of action within the workplace and beyond.  Signatories will then have a range of resources to support them become more inclusive.

Whether you wish to expand your activity on inclusive recruitment, look to improve communication and engagement, attract a more diverse pipeline of planners, and follow guidance on collecting demographic data then, through this Inclusive Framework, the Institute can support.  The Inclusive Framework is part of the Institute's own ongoing long-term commitment to building an inclusive culture within organizations and by extension by the wider profession as part of its CHANGE action plan.

Wei Yang, FRTPI, Immediate Past President, Board of Trustees EDI Champion:

It is with real pleasure that, on behalf of the RTPI, I can announce the launch of this Inclusive Framework for planning employers. The Institute will support employers to set realistic goals and work out how they can be reached.  This scheme is open to any organisation irrespective of size or sector.  I look forward to employers taking the steps to deliver CHANGE and ensure a truly diverse and inclusive profession.

Aim of the scheme

Our aim is to work with planning employers on design and delivery of their own tailored and realistic EDI strategy and support them as they undertake a journey of continuous improvement. The Inclusive Framework will recognise and promote actions taken by employers to help create a truly inclusive planning profession and provide a mechanism for open, honest conversations to develop and progress activity in support of a shared vision for the planning workforce to be as diverse as the communities it represents.

Summary of the scheme

In return for clear commitment and demonstration of action by your organisation against one of the four levels within the Framework, you will have access to:

  1. Expertise through EDI manager and their wider EDI network
  2. Guidance and templates and data collection including EDI categories.
  3. Access to the RTPI Inclusive Writing Guide.
  4. Templates for creating an EDI strategy and terms of reference for staff groups.
  5. Guidance on creating an inclusive recruitment opportunity

You will also be able to display the mark of the RTPI Inclusive Framework in recognition of the level you have reached.

Who can take part

The scheme is intended for all organisations that provide a planning service and employ Chartered Town planners to do so. The scheme is open to private consultancies, public bodies, multidisciplinary agencies, and local planning authority planning departments.

To manage this variation in organisation size, and to challenge signatories to extend their ambitions on diversity and inclusion over time, the scheme is offered across four levels.  This allows signatories the opportunity to choose the best way to engage in the first instance and see the journey they can embark on with the support of the RTPI.  Signatories will be able to balance their internal capacity against the commitments for each level. Our EDI manager will work with employers to balance these commitments with internal resources.

Becki Hinchcliffe, Director Eden Planning

As a small practice, we are wholly committed to creating an inclusive company ethos.  Having direct access to EDI expertise, we would otherwise not have been able to access, through the RTPI Inclusive Network has been invaluable and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the RTPI to ensure we play a vital role in striving to raise the bar for inclusivity in our profession.

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