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Climate action underpins the RTPI 2020–2030 corporate strategy. We are determined to assess our climate impact and take action to address it. This is essential to accomplishing our mission “to advance the science and art of planning, working for the long-term common good and wellbeing of current and future generations”.

To realise this ambition, we aim to reach a net-zero position by 2025. This will require us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions significantly and to offset all residual emissions that we cannot reduce. To achieve this, we have developed a climate action plan to minimise the climate impacts of our own operations and to accelerate collective climate action. Our climate action plan sets four key objectives:

  1. To reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 80% by 2025
  2. To reduce Scope 3 emissions by 45% (per full time employee) by 2030
  3. To improve the quantity and quality of emissions data by 2025
  4. To promote and inspire climate action among members of the wider planning community


Using the findings of our first greenhouse gas emissions assessment, we have identified the following emission reduction opportunities, which target our four largest sources of emissions.

Event travel emissions

Decreasing the number of face-to-face events and replacing them with online events to reduce the amount of travel required by RTPI staff, volunteers and event attendees. Where physical events are necessary, continuing to prioritise locations with easy access to public transport hubs.


Office electricity consumption

Switching our offices to renewable energy electricity tariffs and improving the energy efficiency of our premises. A renewable energy electricity tariff at our Botolph Lane office would remove 29tCO2e from our carbon footprint.


Business travel (flights)

Implementing a ban on flights within Great Britain to reduce the emissions resulting from business travel. For example, using train travel instead of flights for a 600km round trip would result in a 70% reduction in emissions.


Bulk mailing

Reducing the emissions associated with the delivery of the Planner magazine by digitising its publication. This would avoid the emission of an estimated 15tCO2e based on 2019 figures.


Our journey to net-zero