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The majority of governance roles are filled by active members volunteering their time, and along with the Board of Trustees there is a General Assembly, supported by various regional and specialism-based committees.

England: Regional Management Boards and Regional Activities Committees 

Regional Management Boards (RMBs) oversee our work at a local level across the nine English Regions. Each guides a programme of regional activity through the preparation, monitoring and delivery of the Regional Business Plan. It is supported by members of the Regional Activities Committee (RAC) which delivers activities arranged by and for members of the Region, including CPD programmes, events, newsletters, awards as well as other activities.  

Each Regional Management Board is composed of the Region’s elected Officers and the Immediate Past Chair. RMBs are supported by RTPI Regional Coordinators – and act as a key contact for members and volunteers alike.

In the Nations: Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland 

Each of the RTPI Nations has a National Executive Committee (NEC) which has a remit to:

• supervise, promote and direct the Institute's relations in that nation on planning issues (other than education and membership) with central and local government, other professional bodies pressure groups or the general public
• implement and monitor within that nation policies for the development of planning thought
• support and assist the National Director
• supervise and sustain Chapters where appropriate
• inform the Board of Trustees of issues it should be made aware of
• support members in their professional practices.

Find out more here.

Nations and Regions Panel

The Nations and Regions Panel brings together representatives from across the UK and Ireland to discuss operational, policy and membership issues relating to the RTPI Nations and Regions. Members are appointed via a role on their local RMB or NEC (above). 

Board of Trustees 

The RTPI is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees. Elections open once a year in June. The Board of Trustees has four strategic committees; Audit Committee, Finance Committee, Nomination Subcommittee and Appointments & Remuneration Committee. Find out more here.

General Assembly  

Consisting of 70 members this is the debating chamber of the RTPI. It meets 4 times a year for a day each time. To be on the general assembly you will also need to hold a role on another committee. You don't need to be chartered but you will need a number of people to support your application. Elections open once a year in June and there is more information here.

Standing Committees - Nominations are now open RTPI | RTPI Elections 2023

There are four standing committees; Policy, Practice and Research Committee, International Committee, Membership and Ethics Committee and Education and Lifelong Learning Committee. Find out more here. Places are filled once a year via the Committee Nomination process in October - November.