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Your CPD

There are many activities and events which can count as CPD.  Your CPD should help you to develop as a planner and to achieve the goals and objectives that you set in your Professional Development Plan (PDP). We don’t prescribe the types of activity that count towards your CPD because you will be the best person to choose the right CPD activity for you. 

The RTPI Core CPD Framework identifies the key professional skills and planning knowledge that you need as a planner. Look out for the Core CPD logo which shows that the training covers one or more of the framework topics.

You can now record your CPD online on your profile page - read our guidelines for more information.

Maintain your CPD

Structured CPD

  • Attend national or local events
  • Complete a RTPI Training CPD Masterclass or training course
  • Participate in a conference, briefing or workshop
  • Complete e-learning modules in your own time on RTPI Learn
  • Attend a seminar or lecture
  • Enrol on a course at an accredited planning school
  • Engage in work based learning such as secondment or work shadowing

Self Directed CPD

CPD Role-model and Championing Planning

  • Deliver training sessions
  • Provide support at a professional or public workshop
  • Write or blog about planning
  • Mentor students, graduates or an APC candidate
  • Become an APC assessor
  • Get involved in your local RTPI Region or NationChapter or Network
  • Volunteer for Planning Aid
  • Become an RTPI Ambassador
  • Get involved with local community groups
  • Coaching other professionals
  • Volunteer for Partnership and Accreditation Panel and Partnership Boards and other RTPI committees

Examples of Free RTPI CPD Opportunities

  • National and Regional events
  • Volunteering
  • Mentoring
  • RTPI advice Notes and Research
  • Subscription to The Planner magazine
  • RTPI Learn

The CPD Practice Advice Note has more information and tips on what you need to do.

The RTPI Core CPD logo on our training courses and events is a quality assurance mark to demonstrate that the event or activity offers clear learning outcomes and covers one or more of the professional skills and planning knowledge from the RTPI Core CPD Framework.

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