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What is the PDP Support Phase?

If you have applied for Chartered, Associate or Legal Associate membership you can be referred to a PDP Support Phase upon election to membership. This occurs when RTPI assessors determine that you have demonstrated your competence in all aspects of the PES and PCS submission, but your Professional Development Plan (PDP) requires improvement.

If you are referred to the PDP Support Phase, you are required to resubmit your PDP after your election to the relevant membership class. Members who fail to comply with the Phase will face disciplinary action.

The PDP is an important part of being a reflective practitioner and the RTPI will support you to ensure that you are able to produce a high quality PDP.

You do not need to wait for a resubmission round in order to submit your PDP but should be aware that failing to produce an updated PDP, which fully meets the requirements, will constitute a breach of the RTPI’s Code of Professional Conduct and will lead to disciplinary action being taken against you.


PDP Support Phase process

 When referred to the phase:

  • Our CPD Team are notified.
  • Your feedback form includes guidance from the assessors on the areas of the PDP that require improvement and you should use this to inform your resubmission.
  • You have four weeks to make the necessary changes to your PDP and submit it to the CPD Team for assessment. See deadlines below
  • If the resubmitted PDP is considered to require further improvement, you will be given additional feedback and one additional attempt.
  • You may be selected for CPD monitoring after you have completed the Phase.


You must submit your PDP by e-mail to [email protected]

Failing to comply with the phase will constitute a breach of the RTPI's Code of Professional Conduct and will lead to disciplinary action being taken against a member.

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