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The RTPI membership designation, post-nominal and logo are simple and effective ways to promote your professional status and/or business. 

Post nominal and designation

If you are part of one of our professional classes, you are entitled to use one of the following designation and post nominal after your name:

  • Chartered Member - Chartered Town Planner - MRTPI
  • Fellow - Fellow of the RTPI - FRTPI
  • Legal Member - Legal Member of the RTPI - LMRTPI
  • Legal Associate - Legal Associate of the RTPI - LARTPI
  • Associate - Associate of the RTPI - AssocRTPI
  • Honorary Member - Honorary Member of the RTPI - HonMRTPI

Retired Members of the above classes must always use (Rtd) next to their post-nominals. For example, retired Chartered Town Planners would use MRTPI (Rtd). They are not eligible to use the RTPI logo.

RTPI logos

We have created a logo that you can use exclusively to make your relationship with the RTPI clear to members of the public and potential clients.






For print and screen versions of the relevant RTPI logo, please email our marketing department with your name and membership number. Only Chartered, Associate, Legal and Legal Associate Members are eligible to use the RTPI logo.

Guidance on use of the RTPI logo by members (updated November 2017)

Planning consultants

For planning consultants, using the RTPI logo is an important way to promote your business. Practices that employ more than one Chartered Town Planner are entitled to refer to the firm as a whole as "Chartered Town Planners" and there is a practice logo available. 

You are able to sign up to the RTPI Directory of Planning Consultants if you employ Chartered Town Planners, making it a reliable source of help and support for anyone looking for professional help on planning issues.
The RTPI offers a wide range of consultancy information and support for members. Chartered Town Planners who run their own small practices or work as sole practitioners may also find membership of the RTPI Independent Consultants' Network and the support it offers useful.

RTPI Site Signboards

The RTPI site signboards have been designed to provide effective and professional promotion of both individual practices and practitioners and the planning profession. Order your site signboard from our approved manufacturer, Absolute Sign and Print Ltd.

Guidance on RTPI site signboards (January 2018)