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Retired membership is for members who have retired completely from planning practice. Chartered Members, Legal Members, Legal Associates and Associates are eligible to transfer to this class.

Retired members are exempt from the requirement to maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This means that they can no longer practice planning or provide professional planning advice even in the capacity of a volunteer. Retired members can give their personal opinion or comment on a local matter in a personal capacity. 

Retired members use (Rtd) next to their designation once they retire. For example, retired Chartered Town Planners use MRTPI(Rtd).



Send us your completed application form. 

Transfer to Retired class application form  

Applications can be submitted anytime to [email protected]



We do not charge an administration fee to process your application.

You can pay your Retired subscription fee annually or pay a one-off lifetime membership fee, which exempts you from paying any further fees while you are a Retired member. You have to pay subscriptions for your previous membership class if you transfer part way through the year.


Reinstating to previous membership

If you want to work again, then you can revert to your previous membership by completing an application to reinstate. We will also adjust your subscription.


*Based on UK/ROI pro rata 2021 subscription rate.