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What next for Planning in Northern Ireland?

The Planning Act (NI) 2011 along with local government reform introduced in 2015, made significant changes to the planning system, but the improvement journey continues to enable planning services to be efficient, effective, and importantly deliver positive outcomes for communities across Northern Ireland.

Planning in Northern Ireland is under particular pressure and scrutiny and needs investing in, as a matter of urgency.  Recent reports on the efficiencies and performance of the planning system provide evidence and reflection on how the planning system is operating and point towards how changes can be made to build the system’s strength, introduce efficiencies and lead to good outcomes for society. 

Effective change and improvement takes time, but as indicated by recent reports, now is the time to make further changes where they are needed.

RTPI NI has set out its election asks for the next term of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

You can download the full report here.

Why invest in planning?

Planning offers an effective process to enable solutions and facilitate a sustainable future for Northern Ireland.

Planning shapes the environments where people work, live and interact.  Through strategic spatial planning, the system can ensure that all residents and businesses have a good level of access to services and infrastructure, resources are appropriately accounted for in development decisions, and that new developments make efficient use of resources and technologies.  Planning can also address potential negative impacts of development which can be harmful to human health.