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Our work is overseen by the RTPI Northern Ireland Executive Committee and implemented by the Director and staff team based in Northern Ireland. The Executive Committee’s remit includes:

• supervise, promote and direct the Institute's relations in Northern Ireland on planning issues (other than education and membership) whether with local government, other professional bodies, pressure groups or the general public

• implement and monitor the EC’s policies for the development of planning thought, to review those policies from time to time; to recommend any modifications or changes; and to develop related policies within Northern Ireland

• inform the Board of Trustees of issues that the Committee considers that it should be made aware of

• support members in their professional activities

Details of the rules governing the work of the Executive Committee can be found in the Scheme of Delegation.

The Executive Committee is represented on the RTPI's General Assembly, committees and panels. Following a call for nominations and elections the membership of the Executive Committee for 2023 was confirmed at the Annual Review Meeting in November 2022.

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RTPI Northern Ireland Executive Committee

Catharine McWhirter MRTPI


Chris Bryson MRTPI

RTPI NI Senior Vice Chair

Cathy McKeary MRTPI

RTPI NI Junior Vice Chair

Mura Quigley MRTPI

RTPI NI Immediate Past Chair

Emma Aldridge MRTPI

Corporate Member

Alistair Beggs MRTPI

Corporate Member

Chris Blair MRTPI

Corporate Member

Erin Donaldson MRTPI

Corporate Member

Diane O'Neill MRTPI

Corporate Member

Carol Ramsey MRTPI

General Assembly Representative

Nick Salt MRTPI

Corporate Member

Lisa Curran

Student Representative

Justin McHenry

Student Representative