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Our institute represents more than 27,000 planning professionals and students in over 80 countries worldwide.

Planners play a pivotal role in bringing together multiple stakeholders and communities to ensure that the places we use to live, work and play are more than just fit for purpose. They strive to ensure that place-based solutions allow people to thrive, recognise their economic potential and enjoy a healthy happy life.

We are proud to see the positive impact that our members have in tackling climate change, biodiversity decline, social and economic inequalities, and at the same time, creating sustainable and beautiful places around the world. As such we have decided that we would like to showcase the positive impacts that our members have made globally.

So we've produced a series of case studies showing how UK planners are working around the world on projects and we have created a special publication to showcase this. You can download the publication in full here or you can access the different sections of the report below.