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Immediate Past President's foreword

At the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) we recognise and champion the power of Planning to change people’s lives for the better, as well-planned communities have significant influence over health, the environment, the economy, safer streets, housing and so much more.

Our institute represents more than 27,000 planning professionals and students in over 80 countries worldwide. We are proud to see the positive impact that our members have in tackling climate change, biodiversity decline, social and economic inequalities, and at the same time, creating sustainable and beautiful places around the world.

As such we have decided that we would like to showcase the positive impacts that our members have made globally and to raise the profile of planning for communities from as far afield as Peru and Kenya. The projects included in this report are undertaken by consultancies of all sizes - from global companies to SMEs. Although this report is only a snapshot of what’s going on, we believe it demonstrates the wide spectrum of expertise that our members offer.

I am proud to present to you a series of case studies of exactly how UK planners are working around the world on projects. The knowledge of our members and the teams within which they work proves to me that no matter the location, the UK’s planning expertise can improve the lives of countless people and begin to realise place-based solutions for societies throughout the world.

Planners are key players in helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by providing innovative and sustainable solutions to problems. What I believe these examples show is that planners can think globally while acting locally. We can see the wider impacts of our work no matter where we are delivering. Through our work we have the ability to bring out the best in people and enable them to enjoy their lives and contribute to the societies.

I trust this document also illustrates how the Planning Profession has contributed to the UK Government’s ambitious export strategies. It is my sincere hope that this document will be a key step in helping the UK Government further recognise the value to the exchequer of the Planning Profession as an export, while also highlighting the positive impact that our members have in a global context.

Dr Wei Yang FRTPI
RTPI Immediate Past President for 2021